Do before -

Do come to your appointment with CLEAN lashes. No mascara or eyeshadow. The residue from these products will prevent the glue from adhering to your lash properly.

Do  shower before your appointment. You are not allowed to get your lashes wet for 24 hours after your appointment, showering before will help you in this endeavor.

Do tell your lash artist of any allergies you have to any acrylates, latex or adhesives.

Do use the restroom before your appointment. It takes precious time away from your time if we have to stop midway to take everything off your eyes for you to go to the bathroom and then come back and me put everything back on your eyes.

Do During -

Do RELAX. You are more than welcome to listen to whatever you would like. Please feel free to bring headphones as we are not the only people in the studio. 

Do. No, PLEASE let me know if you experience any burning, itching or irritation of ANY kind during your appointment. 

Do keep your eyes closed. Please silence your phones so that you are not tempted to look at any texts or notifications. Opening your eyes during your appointment can irritate your eyes and does not allow me to do my job since I need them closed in order to put your lashes on.

Do After -

Do keep your lashes from getting wet for 24 HOURS after your appointment.

Do brush your lashes with the spoolie wand I will provide for you.

Do NOT use mascara. NO MASCARA on your extensions. 

Do stay away from heat, it can singe your lashes. 

Do not use any oil based products on or around your lashes.